Art Portfolio

Tree Top. Graphite
I Love Your Guts. Charcoal, Photography, Computer Animation
Bella. Graphite
Marina Abramovic. Water color
Art Therapy with Autism.
Lost Soul. Water color
Chase. Graphite and Charcoal 9″x11″
Madison. Charcoal and Graphite 18″24″
Self Portrait, Anime Style. Charcoal 18″x24″
Charcoal and Conte
Body of Water. Charcoal and Conte 18″x24″
15 Minute sketch
15 Minute sketch 18″x24″
Selfie. Charcoal and Graphite
Selfie. Charcoal and Graphite 19″x25″
Charcoal and Graphite
Baby Fat. Charcoal and Graphite 9″x11″
Hand Charcoal
Hand. Charcoal 9″11″
Heart. Charcoal and Rain
Heart. Charcoal and Rain 18″24″
Layers. Charcoal and Masking tape. 18
Layers. Charcoal and Masking tape. 18″24″
Lana. Charcoal and Conte. 19
Lana. Charcoal and Conte. 19″x25″
Michele Eye. Charcoal 18
Michele Eye. Charcoal 18″x24″
Still Life. Graphite 18
Still Life. Graphite 18″x24″
Drapery. Charcoal 18
Drapery. Charcoal 18″24″
Shoes. Charcoal 18
Shoes. Charcoal 18″x24″
Dominick. Charcoal 18
Dominick. Charcoal 18″x24″
Reggio. Charcoal 18
Reggio. Charcoal 18″x24″
Face. Notepad and Graphite 9
Face. Notepad and Graphite 9″x11″
Girl. Chalk and Charcoal. 18
Girl. Chalk and Charcoal. 18″x24″
Noses. Charcoal 9
Noses. Charcoal 9″x11″
Eyes. Charcoal 9
Eyes. Charcoal 9″x11″
Nude Woman. Charcoal and Chalk 18
Nude Woman. Charcoal and Chalk 18″x24″
Nude Man. Charcoal and willow 18
Nude Man. Charcoal and willow 18″x24″
There There. Charcoal 9
There There. Charcoal 9″x11″

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