Gay Liberation Parade

Beautiful contrast, now and then.

Fans in a Flashbulb

Anthony FriedkinGay Liberation Parade, The Bible Condemns Homosexuality, Hollywood, 1972 (2011.70.1)

Anthony Friedkin, Come Play with our May Doll, Gay Liberation Parade, Hollywood, 1972 (2011.70.3)

Anthony Friedkin, Women at Gay Liberation Parade, 1972 (2011.70.4)

Anthony Friedkin, Gay Liberation Parade, The Spree Float, Hollywood, 1972 (2011.70.2)

Anthony Friedkin, Gay Liberation Parade, 1972 (2011.70.45)

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Today’s date is June 26, 2015. Today is the day that will go down in history! MARRIAGE EQUALITY! 

Words and their definitions can not explain how great this makes me feel. We still have lots of grounds to cover, but we must all remain determined. Love conquers all!

I want to pay respects to those who fought so hard for this moment, and to those who’ve lost their lives in this strenuous battle. Your names and memories go on with us, and we will forever tell the stories!

Much Love!


The Castro, San Francisco, CA